Sunday, November 13, 2016

Genius Hour Preparations in the Classroom

Do you have Genius Hour in your classroom? After reading about it all over the Internet and hearing about it from numerous educators, I decided to give it a try. This is my second year to incorporate it into my classroom. I honestly have to say I'm so glad it's a part of my regular class routine now.

Is it a lot of work? Yes! Is it worth it? Absolutely, without a doubt!

Just like last year, I set Mondays as our designated day to have Genius Hour. On this day, students research and work on visuals, books they're writing, songs, commercials, skits, etc. It's a wonderful time for me to walk around and listen to all the creativity taking place.

If you do decide to give it a try, I'd say that conferencing is one of the MOST important parts of the process. It's crucial to be able to give suggestions and see just how far your students are moving along. Another VERY important component of this process is having students perform their presentation for their parents. I ask parents to time the presentation, make sure eye contact is given and that it's smooth and engaging. We certainly don't want to sound like robots for our classmates. I absolutely love hearing all the constructive feedback from parents.

This past week was full of projects starting to come in, putting finishing touches on speeches/visuals, students helping one another, last conferences with students, and much more.  Now the "magic" begins this coming week. I LOVE hearing about all the creative ideas, props, visuals, replicas, powerpoints, tri-boards and much more. Now I'm getting excited about our upcoming week. It should be a fun week of learning MANY passions from our peers.

Enjoy a few of last week's preparations, conferences, and finished items coming in...
Until next time,