Monday, August 8, 2016

In the Words of my Father... It Takes Hard Work!

Well, summer 2016 is coming to an end! Yikes! Do I really have to think about it? It's been a summer to remember - a sad one, yet a productive and fun summer as well. With my dad's passing, it's been unbelievably sad. I've been in a spot that I've never been in. I just can't seem to get out of this "tunnel." With school right about the corner, however, I MUST!

On a positive note, this summer has also been productive because I've gotten so much done around the house (organizing like crazy to keep my mind extremley busy), and it's been full of fun with some travels and memorable times with my amazing family.

I'll start this new school year like never before (with an emptiness, an aching heart, and not being able to call Dad on the way home to share my classroom happenings). However, I'll keep in mind what my dad always taught me - work hard and do a job to the best of your ability. Give it 110%! As I ready my classroom and do ALL the work it takes to gear up for a new school year, I'll remember my father's wise words. I'll also know that he's smiling down on me as I'm in my classroom working hard to inspire lives and build inquisitive minds.

I love the quote below because it conveys and sums up my dad's work ethic, and he absolutely LOVED Vince Lombardi. In addition, as teachers, we don't back down from new, hard work. We have an important job to do, and we JUST DO IT.

Wishing all my teacher friends a fantastic first week back and a hugely successful school year.

Remembering you, Dad...

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Positive Thinking

I'm a huge lover of quotes - always have been, always will be.  With summer coming to an end, negative thoughts can start to creep in. Vacation time is over, time to get to work, no more lazy days, etc. I remind myself that I've got big things to do and lives to change. When I saw this quote, I loved it and wanted to share.

Hopefully it will inspire my teacher friends as we get down to the business of inspiring minds and changing lives.

Until next time,