Saturday, April 9, 2016

Genius Hour in the Classroom (AGAIN)

Do you do Genius Hour in your classroom? It's been one of the most incredible, memorable, and engaging things I've added. We've completed two projects this year, and I'm so glad I evaluated the pros and cons and went with it.

Check out my students' first day of their second Passion Projects. Students research, and present, on a topic they're passionate about. On this day, we were “wowed” with topics such as what it's like to be a firefighter, we learned about the history of drones and how useful they can be, the pros and cons of airplanes, how to build a doghouse, how to make wacky sacks (we all got one of these to keep and take home), how cars are made, how the DEA was involved in bringing down one of Colombia's largest drug dealers, Pablo Escobar ( we all got DEA ribbons and stickers of our own), we learned about the spinosaurus, the Bermuda Triangle, and we heard the results of a sports survey taken by our fifth graders.

SO proud of these "experts"! Here’s a sneak peek into this fun and educational day!


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