Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Genius Hour in the Classroom - 2nd Time Around!

On Monday, I had some very excited children. I even had one jump up and hug me! Passion Projects #2 have begun! We had such fun with our first Passion Projects that I've had students begging to start again. Now that the holiday break is over, (yes, we have to accept it), it's time to begin our 2nd projects.

 I showed a very motivational video to encourage them to dive deep, engage, and learn. Even though this video is meant for a person desiring to be an entrepreneur, it seemed to fit perfectly for Genius Hour.  Here's the video we watched.

 I also shared with the students some of the positive feedback they gave me from our last Passion Project. Here are a few examples:

  •  "I started my own band."  Bailey B. 
  • " I was super nervous, but when I was up, I overcame it.  I was so surprised." Hope A. 
  •  "I learned that my great grandfather got a Purple Heart." Dylon J.  
  • "I got to learn how to weld and spend time with my family." Mackenzie G. 
  •  "I worked with my dad putting in the lights on my tri fold board. "I did not know I had a family member that was in WWII."  Mitchell C. 
  •  "I would have never had done this with out Genius Hour. I love doing research and loved making my volcano and learning about them. I also loved spending time with my family and was scared to do my presentation, but now I am not."  Justin S. 
  •  "I learned how to embed a video on my blog." Deegen V. 
  •  "I got to spend time with my mom, and I gained more confidence."  Ayden B. 
  •  "I learned how to make a Powtoon." Jake Y.
Lastly, students were to come up with a driving question for their 2nd Passion Project. We've got some topics that I can't wait to learn about. It should be another fun "ride" and journey.

Until next time!

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