Saturday, December 5, 2015

Zaption in the Classroom

This past summer, I learned about a new program called Zaption. Wow, my mind was blown! This program takes a regular video you'd watch and morphs it into an engaging, interactive video. You can choose from their ready-to-use videos in the Zaption Gallery, or you can upload videos and put in your own thoughts, questions, and ideas into the video for students to view. Enhancing videos for better learning? I'm in!

When I heard about this program, I knew I immediately wanted to use it. It's really very easy. You can upload videos from YouTube, Vimeo, PBS, National Geographic, Discovery, Edutopia, and more.  You can then choose to add notes, images, multiple choice questions, have the students draw an answer, add items for the students to check, and more.

Zaption has recently released a new program called Zaption Presenter. Right now it's in testing mode, and I'm happy to say I was selected to be one of their beta testers.   It's now released to everyone (yay)! With Presenter, students enter a code to join your presentation. Together, you can watch videos and collaborate. Students can electronically raise their hands and respond to questions that are entered. If you want to display responses (with or without names), you'll have that option.

Here's an example of a video I uploaded from YouTube and added thoughts and questions for my learners. This was my first "test" with Zaption Presenter. We all loved how we could interact with one another.

Click to enjoy our Zaption video!

Learning More About That Tragic Night - Sinking of the Titanic

Listening to a Titanic Survivor
If you want to check out Zaption, click HERE.

Engage your learners with interactive videos with Zaption!

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