Saturday, November 7, 2015

Non Fiction Text Features Unit

Over the past two weeks, we've been discussing my favorite type of genre - NON FICTION. While learning about, and reviewing, the various text features we commonly see while reading this genre, we have completed task cards, written non fiction cinquain poems, partner paired and found the main idea and supporting details in a non fiction book, seen helpful visuals/posters, and enjoyed playing a fun game.

For the posters, I used Primary Punch's FREE Non Fiction Text Features Posters from TpT. Click HERE to download these amazing visuals.

To apply finding the main idea and supporting details, we completed a "Main Idea Table Activity." I found THREE non-fiction books that I thought would interest my fifth graders. These books were various reading levels to fit the needs of my students. All of my students know their individual reading level so they can pick the books that best fits their learning needs. Students could pick from Tsunamis, The Underground Railroad or Symbols of our Country.  Each student then found a BIG IDEA (the main idea) and FOUR table legs (supporting ideas) that held up/supported their main idea.

To download the FREE Main Idea Table Template from Mrs. Yokes, click HERE.

Check out all of these non fiction text features!
Let's Find a Main Idea
Interesting Information about Tsunamis
Learning About the Underground Railroad
Writing Down the Supporting Details
Reading About the Liberty Bell

Our choice board for the week required us to write a cinquain.  It stated on the choice board to create a cinquain about a non fiction character. However, I opened up the choices to any non fiction topic.  In addition, the cinquain had to be neat, colorful, and illustrated.  Check out a few of our final products!

For fun, and review, we played a game I just made up and titled called the "The Great Non Fiction Text Feature Race."  Two students raced to find the particular text feature that I called out. Of course I had to add some Jeopardy music in the background for effects. It was fun watching the students APPLY all that had been learned during this unit.

If interested in the non fiction task cards I used, click HERE to visit my TpT store or click on the picture below.

Common Core and TEK Aligned
If interested, these task cards AND the cinquain poem template (and rubric) are included on my Non Fiction Choice Board. Click HERE or on the picture below to view this.

Give Students Voice and Choice
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