Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bring an Idiom to School

One of my favorite assignments every year is "bring an idiom to school." It made my day when a student ask, "Can we do this again next week?"

Students learn what an idiom is and then create one to present or act out in front of class. We have a blast guessing the idioms. We were certainly stumped a few times.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Playing "Kick Me" With Analogies

We've been reviewing analogies all week. Today was the day I got to see if the "lightbulbs" were coming on. After reviewing an anchor chart together, I had students give me the relationship between the first two words and then APPLY the relationship.

Example: Mayor is to city as governor is the state.
                   Lion is to pride as wolf is to pack.

Several students then worked in groups to decide what relationship the two words had: type, characteristic of, synonyms, antonyms, part to whole, worker to product, etc. The picture shows students working diligently to put their "relationship" in the correct place on the chart.

Thanks to Crafting Connections for the anchor chart FREEBIE (much appreciated).

Now for my favorite part! Each student got an index card with an "answer" to an analogy taped on their back (even I got cards taped on my back). There were more cards than questions on their paper to make it even more challenging. We even had a few of our class pet (stuffed animals) join in on the fun!

On my back, I taped the #1 rule of the day, DO NOT KICK ME! I was told a 1,000 or more that I had something taped to my back throughout the day. I just smiled!

What a joy it was watching students collaborate and decide on the analogy that best fit the answer! 

I love it when students say, "That was fun" on their way out the door! 

Until next time,

Learning How to Create With PowToon

Well, I've seen so many cute videos created with PowToon. Imagine my surprise and excitement when they sent me some FREE accounts! Oh yea, my students were in! 

I used the code given to me so students could join my class.  Once in, they viewed informational tutorials to learn just how to create a fun and engaging video.  Students teaching themselves? Oh yea! I saw smiles and laughter. Some students even thanked me for a fun day!

 Each child has an account and can even work on videos at home. Now that's what I call a "successful day!" Thank you, PowToon!

Students Creating PowToon Videos
Students Creating PowToon Videos
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