Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pie in the Face AND Purple Hair

Do you do anything (besides constant work and encouragement) to inspire your students to achieve a certain goal on the end of the year state test? This year, I told my students if they achieved 85% on the STAAR Test (Texas' end of the year assessment test), I'd color my hair purple for a day. Yes, they obtained that goal.

Purple-Haired Teacher 
I also opened my big mouth and stated that if they achieved 90% or higher on the STAAR test, I'd let a student (we had a drawing) throw a pie in my face (so happy it was banana cream). I'm thrilled they achieved this lofty goal! What fun! Yes, I'm crazy, but I'd do it again in a minute! ‪#‎pieintheface‬ 

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