Thursday, June 18, 2015

Favorite Googe Add-Ons and Extensions

Recently I went to a technology conference. I learned about so many new programs and apps that my head was exploding with excitement.

I'll share more of that information later, a little at a time. However, I want to start out with several add-ons and extensions in Chrome that are making my life easier.

One add-on I already knew about, and used last year, was Fluberoo. If you haven't tried Fluberoo (an add-on in Google Sheets), you must. It grades for you! Yes, I said that right! I automatically transfers information into an easy-to-read spreadsheet for you. Click here to learn more: Flubaroo

One other extension I learned about was Select and Speak, Text to Speech. Just highlight the part of a webpage that you want read, and it will read it to you. This is excellent for students that need things orally read to them. Click here to learn more: Select and Speak- Text to Speech

Last for today was an extension called "Anything to QR Code." You're kidding! I've been going to a separate website and creating QR codes. This will turn whatever website you're on instantly into a QR Code (easy, peasy). Just save, name, and you're set to add that into your blog, choice board, or any other place. Click here to learn more: Anything to QRCode

Hope this helps. More techie talk later!

Check out these add-ons and extensions!
Until then,

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