Saturday, June 27, 2015

Check Out These Two Amazing Sites for the Classroom

Technology is EVERYWHERE, and it should especially be used in the classroom. This summer my goal has been to check out and find some new technology sites/apps/programs to include in my classroom for the upcoming school year.

I'll be sharing my findings with my followers. I hope you'll learn some new tricks and sites to use in your classroom from my posts. Thanks always for reading and following my blog.

Two new sites I just found are Smores and Big Huge Labs. Both are sites for creating visuals. Both are easy to use. I just created my first flyer on Smores and found it very simplistic. I can see many ways that these sites can be used in the classroom. The links to these two sites are found on the flyer.

Check out my flyer HERE: 

Happy creating! 

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Favorite Googe Add-Ons and Extensions

Recently I went to a technology conference. I learned about so many new programs and apps that my head was exploding with excitement.

I'll share more of that information later, a little at a time. However, I want to start out with several add-ons and extensions in Chrome that are making my life easier.

One add-on I already knew about, and used last year, was Fluberoo. If you haven't tried Fluberoo (an add-on in Google Sheets), you must. It grades for you! Yes, I said that right! I automatically transfers information into an easy-to-read spreadsheet for you. Click here to learn more: Flubaroo

One other extension I learned about was Select and Speak, Text to Speech. Just highlight the part of a webpage that you want read, and it will read it to you. This is excellent for students that need things orally read to them. Click here to learn more: Select and Speak- Text to Speech

Last for today was an extension called "Anything to QR Code." You're kidding! I've been going to a separate website and creating QR codes. This will turn whatever website you're on instantly into a QR Code (easy, peasy). Just save, name, and you're set to add that into your blog, choice board, or any other place. Click here to learn more: Anything to QRCode

Hope this helps. More techie talk later!

Check out these add-ons and extensions!
Until then,

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pie in the Face AND Purple Hair

Do you do anything (besides constant work and encouragement) to inspire your students to achieve a certain goal on the end of the year state test? This year, I told my students if they achieved 85% on the STAAR Test (Texas' end of the year assessment test), I'd color my hair purple for a day. Yes, they obtained that goal.

Purple-Haired Teacher 
I also opened my big mouth and stated that if they achieved 90% or higher on the STAAR test, I'd let a student (we had a drawing) throw a pie in my face (so happy it was banana cream). I'm thrilled they achieved this lofty goal! What fun! Yes, I'm crazy, but I'd do it again in a minute! ‪#‎pieintheface‬ 

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