Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Have you Tried Go Formative?

Yesterday, I was blessed enough to get to attend a wonderful workshop. I walked away with many ideas swimming around in my head. One that really stood out was  (it's FREE).  Wow! Check out this site. They recently started this site, and they are serious. I had to ask them a few questions, and their prompt response impressed me.

Basically, you input questions you want with the answers, or you upload a basic worksheet that you already have. Now, how is a worksheet impressive? Well, you can add text boxes over the provided lines on the worksheet and make the answers higher-level and open ended? Now, that's impressive!

Today, I took a regular reading passage and input the questions into Go Formative. The students then answered the questions on their Chromebooks. I was able to see their answers in REAL TIME. If you want to display answers, you can do that where students can see answers and even score answers on the projected screen. Love it!

The ideas are endless with this site. No child can sit and PRETEND to be listening. Engage ALL students. It's our job!

I can't wait to create more! Check it out!

Log in and enter the provided code

Enter answers into your Chromebook

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