Saturday, February 21, 2015

Victorious Vocabulary in the Classroom

Do you notice that it always seems to be the challenging vocabulary words that stumps our students when reading? For this reason, I fit in vocabulary games and activities into my lessons on a daily basis. For example, we discuss a new word, prefix/suffix, or Latin/Greek root each day.  In addition, I include vocabulary into their centers/choice boards (whether it's Context Clues Task Cards, finding synonyms or antonyms for particular words, watching vocabulary videos, or playing a vocabulary game). As far as videos, Flocabulary is my favorite. Our school purchased Flocabulary (well worth the $$, in my opinion). You can check out their site at  They have really catchy songs for multiple subjects (see below).   There are also some free ones on youtube.

The video below is one of our favorites from Flocabulary.

This past week, students played a fun game called "Context Clues Dominoes." This is a FREE download in MrsCurts TpT Store. Click HERE to download: They had to use the context clues to figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words. Dictionaries and thesauruses were set by each group in case they needed to utilize either.  Students went around and read the cards - that way EVERY student was engaged. Words such as flabbergasted, acquire, conjure, perturb, antagonize, and figment were used. I loved watching each group work together to discuss, and figure out, the words' meanings.

Check out my students in action!

One of the activities on this week's Choice Board was to scan a QR code I'd created and watch a Prefix Suffix Song. Students then had to write down three suffixes and prefixes they heard and words that contain those particular prefixes and suffixes.

Use a device (phone, ipod or ipad) and scan our QR Code with a FREE QR Code app to watch the video. My favorite QR Code reader is i-nigma (FREE in the APP Store).
Scan this QR Code to watch the Prefix Kix Song By Grammarheads

If you're looking for ready-made vocabulary task cards, I have created several. They can be purchased in my TpT store:
Also, check out these FREE Vocabulary Resources in my TpT Store:
It's been a jam-packed week full of vocabulary. What activities do you use in your classroom to teach vocabulary?

Happy teaching,

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