Monday, February 2, 2015

Media Literacy Galore!

For the past two weeks, we've been involved in Media Literacy. We have discussed the different techniques used to persuade us, the point of view used in particular commercials, and how images, sound effects and graphics work together to change the meaning and impact advertising has on us.

Three of the main techniques we studied were Emotional Appeal, Snob Appeal, and Bandwagon. I made each student 3 index cards labeled: Emotional Appeal, Snob Appeal, and Bandwagon. Each day, we watched three commercials (each commercial being one of the above techniques). At the end of showing all three commercials, I'd backtrack and show a snippet of each. Students had to hold up the appropriate technique for each commercial. We had a great time, and I could quickly see who was getting it and who wasn't. Some of the commercials I showed are below:

Grey Poupon - Snob Appeal


Emotional Appeal - Chevy (Better Grab A Kleenex)

Coca Cola - Bandwagon Technique

 My students loved teaching one another these 3 Main Techniques. I'm very proud of them! Check them out (Credit to Whole Brain Teaching for the Idea of Teaching Face Partners)! While teaching face partners, students could refer to the Anchor Chart at the front of the room (nothing fancy but very helpful).

One of our favorite parts of the unit was creating, and performing, our very own commercials. Students in groups (advertising teams) had to come up with their own new product, slogan, logo, visual(s), jingle, and script for the commercial. They could also include testimonials or celebrity endorsements in their commercials. This was challenging and forced some kiddos to get out of their "comfort zone." However, it was well worth it! See one of our final products - commercial for the all new, revolutionary Beltlet (the most practical and versatile phone accessory out there)!

Pictures of my superstars working to create their commercials...
Teenagram - the new social media app
Lots of technology utilized to create commercials! :)

Looking at Familiar Logos

Flash Energy Drink - Puts the Good Stuff In and Keeps the Bad Stuff Out
Visual for Beauty Booster - Amazing Hair in Seconds

Creating Visual for Cocoa Paste - Chocolate -Flavored Toothpaste

Teaching media literacy is a blast! Happy Teaching!

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  1. Hey, thanks so much for posting this! I'm a pre-service teacher and working with another student on designing a unit around advertising as persuasive text for Grade 5 kids. As it turns out, this really helps to validate and crystallise the ideas we've been discussing, including the use of role play to create an ad. Our focus is specifically on kids food advertising, so we thought it'd be great to get kids thinking how they could apply persuasive techniques to advertising natural foods (fruit, veges and tap water). Anyway, love your blog. As a former governor of California once said, "I'll be back".