Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Have you Tried the Show Me App?

I'm always looking for new apps to add into my classroom to engage my fifth graders. Our newest app to conquer is Show Me. It's a free app and well worth the download.

This week and next week, I'm teaching procedural text. After going over what we'd expect to see in procedural text (a title, necessary supplies or materials, concise steps to complete the procedure,  etc.), we dove into applying that knowledge.

I saw excitement grow as I explained that groups would be creating their very own Show Me's. However, before they started on their projects, I wanted to show them one that I created of my own. I'm a BIG believer in DOING what I ask my kiddos to do. That way, I'm prepared for questions and confusion. I'll post my Show Me here. It's not professional but, hey, it did the job (and it really didn't take much time to create at all). There are numerous pictures, posters, and much more to import into your presentation or you can take your own pictures. It's truly that simple!

Next, I showed my students some tricks to creating a Show Me. I then grouped my students, and they had to decide on something they'd like to teach their classmates. Some of our choices were:
  • how to tie a shoe
  • how to create a duct tape wallet
  • how to take care of a dog
  • how to draw SpongeBob
  • how to do a long division problem
  • how to draw a tie dye flower
And the list goes on! I loved their creative choices. Now it was time to start writing down necessary materials and supplies and then move onto the steps to complete the procedure. While some students wrote, others created cover pages, and final products.

We're still in the works of this assignment, but I couldn't wait to share. Once we have some finished products complete, I'll post those as well.

In the meantime, check out Show Me. You won't be disappointed!

Happy teaching!

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