Sunday, January 18, 2015

Have You Tried the Show Me App PART 2

My last post was about how I used the FREE Show Me App (available for i Pads in the App Store) to teach procedural text. My students worked hard in groups to create their very own digital presentations.

I purposely didn't tell the groups what they had to teach or what each student's job had to be. This was their job. They worked out what they would teach the class and cordially discussed their talents to determine what skills they could utilize to best help their group. Examples: artist, use the dictionary/iPods to check spelling, photographer, speaker, etc. I'm pleased with most of the final results and, as promised, wanted to share a few of our presentations.

In my opinion, there's one major drawback to this app. Once students start recording, there's no deleting if you mess up (as far as I could determine). If you do make a major mistake, it's back to the drawing board. To prevent this from happening, I had students practice going through their slides without actually recording two times before the final, and actual, recording. Will this stop me from using this fun and engaging app? Most certainly not!


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