Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope you've enjoyed a fabulous, relaxing break! It's back to school for me tomorrow!

I'm looking forward to seeing my students' smiling faces and all the fun and learning to be had in the new year! Yes, my mind is already racing with engaging activities and lessons I can add to the classroom (Pinterest and TpT to the rescue). Ha!

What resolutions did you make? I know mine is to keep my house more organized (why can't I keep my house as organized as my classroom?).  I enjoyed cleaning out closets, throwing things away (ouch, it hurts to get rid of things), and getting LIKE items in the same place. Maybe I'll be able to find things now (fingers crossed)! Feels good! Now we'll just see how long everything stays organized! :)

Just found this cute video and will show it tomorrow as my "brain break!" Thought I'd share! 

Ready for tomorrow and this week! Blessings!

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