Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Writing in Reading Class? Of Course!

I teach five classes of reading throughout the day - that's a little over 100 children. We read every day! I love teaching reading! However, there's something else that's just as important that I love teaching my students, and that's life lessons. This week's life lesson - have an attitude of gratitude.

We took a little side step from our usual reading activities and thanked our parents, aunts, uncles, (whomever the child wanted to write) for the kind things they do. This was NOT a letter to ask for more around the holiday season, but a moment just to say "thank you!" Too many times the little daily routines that parents do on a regular basis go unnoticed.

We went through the entire writing process. When editing with students, I loved seeing many of our great $100 vocabulary words we discuss in class on a regular basis included in the letters. For example, one child stated that he appreciated his mom sitting in the stands, cheering him on in the frigid weather. Another student thanked his mom and dad for lifting his spirits when he was melancholy. Metaphors and similes were also used. Two of my favorites were, "You are the hand that picks me up when I get down." "Life is a puzzle, and without you, I'm incomplete."

I know that parents will truly appreciate the words of kindness (I know as a parent I cherish the heartfelt, homemade gifts). Hopefully, these cards will be keepsakes for a lifetime.  More importantly, I hope my students learned an important life lesson: words of kindness make a difference and go so far!

I think I'll go and thank some of those incredible people in my life for all they do.


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