Saturday, December 6, 2014

Have you tried Go Noodle in the Classroom?

We all have our favorite programs that we use in our classrooms.  My last post was about how I use ClassDojo to manage classroom behavior. Another favorite program that I use is Go Noodle. Have you tried it? Wow! I love this! It's free brain breaks to get our students wiggling and moving. Don't they all need that?

I certainly don't have time to use it every day with only 55 minutes per class (I teach five classes of students per day). However, when we do have a little extra time, I've set each class up with their own Go Noodle character. As you complete videos, movement, etc, as a class, your character amps up, grows muscles, and you can constantly change your characters. The students visibly see progress and, as you know, this brings excitement.

Last week, we watched a silly (but catchy) video in Go Noodle titled "Kitty High Five." As the students walked out of my class, I gave them a "kitty high five." Even fifth graders thought this was fun!

If you haven't checked it out, you must. I highly recommend it. Click HERE to learn more about Go Noodle. Oh, and did I mention that it's FREE.
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Too bad I was dancing right along with my fifth graders (oops, I was having a little too much fun) and didn't record them. However, to get a glimpse into how much the kiddos enjoy Go Noodle, I do happen to have a snapshot of some of my former students.
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