Friday, October 3, 2014

Going Digital and Lovin' It

This past week, I attended an informative meeting regarding Edmodo and its features. Yes, we're that fortunate enough in our district to have "technology gurus" stay after school and impart their knowledge on us. Well, I was so curious that I couldn't wait to get home and check it out. I spent a couple of hours perusing this Edmodo site.

Yes, you know you've all done it...I stayed up past midnight figuring this "baby" out. It's pretty simple, by the way. I just had to figure out the type of quiz I wanted my students to take with their reading vocabulary words. I went with "matching" and ran with it.

I also decided that since our homework this week was pertaining to Paul Revere and his midnight ride that I'd check out youtube for any informational videos on this famous Patriot and eventful night in 1775. I found a great video and uploaded it into Edmodo. When you set up the assignment, you tell the students what they have to do to complete the assignment. I had them tell me one thing they learned about Paul Revere or his ride.

Next, I knew of a great video from one of my favorites (Schoolhouse Rocks). The students then watched "The Shot Heard Round the World" and told me one thing they learned. Great feedback, by the way, from this one!

Yes, it took some time to get all kiddos into their accounts, yes it took walking around and answering MANY questions the FIRST time to get them in the rights spots, answering questions on how to turn in assignments, telling them where to go next, etc. Was it worth it? You watch this video and be the judge of that!

Could you hear a pin drop? Me too! Was it a beautiful site? Yes! Did you see any off- task behavior? Neither did I! Check out some of the comments my students left me (which is another feature of Edmodo).

I have to say...this was one of my favorite teaching days so far this school year. Not just because we're going digital but because I tried something new and was prepared for failure all the way. Even if I failed, I'm teaching my students a wonderful life lesson. It's okay to fail. As a matter of fact, because of failures, we experience grand success. Ahhhhhhhh, sweet success on this beautiful Friday!

If you'd like to check out this user-friendly site, go to  Set up your free account, and enjoy the results.

With that, have a great and relaxing weekend! Thanks for following!

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