Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Today's Golden Nugget from Teach Like a Pirate

For those of you that read my last "golden nugget" post, you are well aware that Dave Burgess presented at our district's convocation. There is still buzz around our school about "teaching like a pirate."

As I continue to delve into this phenomenal book, Teach Like a Pirate, today's golden nugget is about IMMERSION.  Are you totally devoting yourself to your students and your classroom, or are you distracted by other things? Our students can FEEL if we're "swimming WITH them" or just acting like a "lifeguard on the side of the pool."

Just recently, I had a student that I taught in 5th grade in 1998 (yes, that long ago) send me a precious message that totally reminds me of why immersion is crucial. This was the powerful message sent to me:

"You are super important to me. Best teacher I ever had. You made me understand that people can care about you because they truly love you and want the best for you. You helped me trust people when I didn't trust too many people. You cared about all of us so much that we never forget the things you did for each of us." Joseph

This young man is going through the emotional process of searching for his birth mom. Now why would he include me in this life-changing process? Possibly because he saw that I totally devoted myself to him and his classmates. The reward that we get in return from IMMERSION is invaluable! 

Make your students feel important: jump in the water, get wet, and immerse yourself! Give it your all.

P.S. Ideas are from the book Teach Like a Pirate...a must read!

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  1. Angela, it certainly brought tears to my eyes. I told that grown man that when he sent me this note it made my day, my month, my year, and more. It certainly reminds us of why we are in the teaching profession.