Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Build Compassion For Your Colleagues

Today was my second day of teacher training. My favorite activity was called Compass Points - Personal Styles. You all know that we work with MANY different personalities. We don't always understand WHY others do things the way they do. My way is right! Right?

After completing this eye-opening exercise, I was reminded that we all may do things differently, and that's okay. First, we were shown the different personalities for each compass point. I immediately knew which one I was (WEST). Isn't everyone a WEST? Much to my surprise, NO! To be honest, thank goodness we are all different! Each one of us brings something different to the table. That's what makes an effective team.  One wants to "get it done," one wants to "consider other's feelings," another  "wants to see the BIG picture," and another "is idea centered."

View the image below. Which compass point are you?
After deciding which characteristics we most possess, we were to walk to that particular chart and write down what our main strengths and limitations were. Afterwards, we shared our charts with the entire faculty. 

What I liked most about this was it caused me to better understand others. A teammate and I were even giggling later when creating our fifth grade bulletin board. She was a NORTH (get is done), and I found myself asking details, wanting things perfectly centered (you get the picture).  We found this quite humorous! 

I hope your teacher training has been as educational and meaningful! We are all different and unique, and that's what makes our FAMILY successful!


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