Friday, July 18, 2014

New Product Alert- Interactive Noun Jobs Flip Flap Template and Noun Jobs Cheat Sheet

So happy to have this new product created. I'm implementing interactive reading notebooks in my fifth grade classroom this year. Therefore, I'm planning on creating quite a few interactive activities throughout the year that my students will enjoy. 

When teaching nouns, introduce this interactive flip flap template and handy resource for cementing the concept. Students will glue the template into notebooks, journals, or paper in binders and then find (or write) examples of each noun job. Have students use the "cheat sheet" to guide them and then place in binders, folders, or notebooks.

This download includes the following:
**Ideas for the flip flap noun jobs organizer (color and black and white)
**Easy-to-follow directions
**Flip flap book template (editable so you can type your own or students can write their own noun jobs)
**Noun Jobs Cheat Sheet (perfect for placing in notebooks, binders, or journals as an additional resource) **The noun jobs covered include: subject nouns, objects of the prepositions, direct objects, indirect objects, and predicate nouns

This would be perfect for partner work, whole group discussion, completing one noun job at a time, or including this at a center. Use it to review before a test, quiz, exam, or before your state's BIG end of the year test. You could also use this as the ACTUAL assessment at the end or your unit.

As always, my new products are 10% off the first 48 hours. To check out this product, click HERE

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