Friday, May 16, 2014

Cute Pop-Up Pig Cards

We are reading one of my all time favorite books...Charlotte's Web. One of the activities we are having our students do this week to go along with the book is follow multi-step directions to make a pop- up pig card. They have to go to this site and follow the directions on their own. They're actually doing a great job.

Need a cute little piggie? Click on this link.

Below, you can see my students working hard to create this cute porker. I also have a student proudly displaying his finished product.

Following Directions to Make Pop-Up Pig Card
Check Out My Cute Pop-Up Pig Card!
Have fun making these. Your students will love this little craftivity. 



  1. Awesome! We are reading this book too, I should definitely try this. I wonder how they'll do... thanks for sharing!

  2. Let me know how it goes, Beth! I thought my kiddos might struggle a little. However, I observed students teaching other students and both smiling with sweet success over their cute piggies. Have fun!