Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Great Incentive to Get Homework Turned In

Do you have trouble getting your students to turn in homework? The answer is probably YES!

Well, our principal just implemented a new (and great) way to get homework turned in. On Fridays, she has a drawing and calls out the lucky winners over the intercom. To earn a ticket in the drawing, you have to turn in your homework for that week. The students now look forward to that Friday afternoon announcement.

The winners can pick from a variety of prizes, but two of my students' favorites are "Sit in the Principal's Chair For the Day" and "Eat Lunch with the Principal. She will then have lunch with this group of children.

Sometimes it's the little things that spur children. Look how comfy one of my students is in the padded principal's chair. I almost wanted to take it away from him.  :)

Principal's Chair for the Day

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