Friday, April 25, 2014

An Emotional Week - TGIF

It's sure been a great (and emotional) week for me over here at Positively Passionate About Teaching!

First off, we completed our state testing. Can I get a "woot, woot?" Our third graders completed their STAAR Math test on Tuesday and the STAAR reading test on Wednesday. Four hours of testing each day was mentally draining on everyone.

Since testing was over, I could then announce the news that I am moving to 5th grade (same building in our school). The really cool thing about that is I'll have the kiddos that I had in 3rd grade last year. What made this so emotional for me was when they found out, I had children knocking me down with hugs, kids running to me to verify the news, and parents texting me that afternoon to see if the news was true. Wow! Great day! Children can make us feel so needed, special, and remind us of WHY we do what we do as teachers.

I'm excited about this new venture. I've taught third grade the past 2 years, but in my 18 years of eduction, this will be my 11th year to teach fifth grade. I just love that age. I started my career in 5th grade, and it feels good to be heading back to my roots.

Thanks for letting me share! Exciting things to come!

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Blessings to all and happy teaching!

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  1. Awww, good luck in your new role! You'll do great, and it will be great that you will get to have some of the same children that you taught before.