Monday, March 31, 2014

Government Galore!

My kiddos have been studying government. We discussed the three branches of government, who is in each branch, and the functions of each branch. We also learned about the Constitution, its amendments, and the Preamble. For a bonus, many of my students memorized (some sang) the Preamble. Be sure and have your students check out Schoolhouse Rock's Constitution song. It's very catchy, and kids love it. Why you'll be singing along with them.

Schoolhouse Rock- The Constitution


The students were then to create a visual for the three branches. One visual was a tree with actual branches to include their information. Another visual was the Three Ring Circus (also by Schoolhouse Rock).  I'm proud of my students' finished products.

NOTE:  I do not take credit for being the creator of these visuals. I found them on one of my very favorite sites - Pinterest. You know you love it, too!

Three Ring Circus

Check out our hall display!



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