Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Alliteration is Alive!

Alliteration is everywhere in our room!

First, we read an incredible book by Graeme Base called Animalia.  This beautifully illustrated book walks readers through the alphabet using alliteration with upper level vocabulary. This book initiated great conversation about unknown words. In addition, each page is peppered with pictures that begin with the featured letter at the top of each page. My students loved finding the "camera," "crayfish," "castle" and many other "C" words on the "C" page.

After reading this colorful and engaging book, each student received a letter and had to write an alliterative sentence with their letter. I reminded them to use $100 words, imagery, and to check punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. We ended up with some beautiful, alliterative sentences to display in the hallway.

Alliteration Wall

Massive Monkeys march in Minnesota while munching on majestic melons.

Zany Zebras and zero otters zigzagged to the massive zoo.

The angry,  agitated alligator ate the armadillo and snatched the armadillo away.

 I had a couple of really creative students who finished their alliterative station early. They wanted to show off their alliteration skills. Enjoy!

Hope you will make "alliteration alive" in your classroom. Your students will love it!

Blessings and happy teaching,

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