Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cute & FREE Christmas Tags for Gifts

What did you give your students for Christmas? This year, our third grade team bought stockings for each student. Our children then celebrated a "Penny Christmas," pointing out that Christmas is about GIVING and not just receiving from others. They brought in items such as stickers, handmade rubber band bracelets, pencils, stickers, and more. I decided to give each student a tasty candy cane.

Of course the first place I searched was Pinterest (I'm obsessed with Pinterest). When searching, I found some really cute (and FREE) gift tags.  I wished each of my students a SWEET break on the cute tags.

I've included the link for the FREE tags (below) and a picture of the final product I gave out.

I'm also wishing all of you a blessed, safe, fun-filled, and SWEET Christmas.

Get the FREE gift tags HERE.


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