Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

From my family to yours, I want to wish you a happy, relaxing, and fun-filled break. Remember to cherish each and every moment, and hug those you love. With the sudden (and recent) passing of my third grade team member (who lost her battle to kidney cancer), I'm reminded of how each day is truly a blessing.

Feeling blessed,

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cute & FREE Christmas Tags for Gifts

What did you give your students for Christmas? This year, our third grade team bought stockings for each student. Our children then celebrated a "Penny Christmas," pointing out that Christmas is about GIVING and not just receiving from others. They brought in items such as stickers, handmade rubber band bracelets, pencils, stickers, and more. I decided to give each student a tasty candy cane.

Of course the first place I searched was Pinterest (I'm obsessed with Pinterest). When searching, I found some really cute (and FREE) gift tags.  I wished each of my students a SWEET break on the cute tags.

I've included the link for the FREE tags (below) and a picture of the final product I gave out.

I'm also wishing all of you a blessed, safe, fun-filled, and SWEET Christmas.

Get the FREE gift tags HERE.



Happy holiday shopping! Purchase your classroom needs NOW, and be ready when you return after the break.

10% off all items in my store (now thru Christmas)! Click on the picture below to check out my TpT store.

Happy holidays to all,

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sensational Sensory Poems

Poetry is one of my favorite types of writing.  For Thanksgiving, my students completed a sensory poem.  Thanksgiving looks like... Thanksgiving sounds like... Thanksgiving smells like... Thanksgiving  tastes like... and Thanksgiving feels like...

Using descriptive language and sensory words, my students came up with some incredible poems. This was initially written on notebook paper, revised and edited, and then written on a final draft sheet.  The final product also included cutting out and coloring a turkey. I am proud of their hard work. We proudly displayed these outside our classroom.

NOTE: I don't take credit for the turkey cut out.

Happy writing,

Thanksgiving Sensory Poem
Sensory Poems Hung Proudly in Our Hallway

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Digital Media - Vocabulary Resource & Create a Billboard Activity

Teaching digital media can be fun!  I just recently gave my students words that pertain to digital media. We discussed how commercials and advertising companies use persuasive language to persuade (or convince) the viewers to purchase their particular product. Some of the youtube videos I showed in class are shown below. My students really enjoyed them.  We talked about certain media techniques used (bright colors, music, humor, emotion, close ups, great jingles/slogans, famous people, etc.).

After that, I presented a fun activity...Create Your Own Billboard.  The children followed the specific guidelines on a rubric that I created.  The final products were fabulous!  I was so impressed with their understanding of persuasive techniques, language, and phrases. An example of a final product is displayed below.

Create a Billboard
The "digital media vocabulary," "Create a Billboard" Activity, and the" Create a Billboard" rubric for easy grading/assessment can be found on my TpT store.  Check it out! You'll be glad you did!

Happy teaching,
Angie Lobue