Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cause & Effect Song & Video

Are you teaching cause and effect to your students?

If so I found a really cute and catchy song. Not sure who to give credit to on the words of this song, but I want to make it clear that they are NOT mine.  I saw kids performing it on Youtube, so maybe this teacher gets credit.  Here are the words to the song and the video is below. Tune: The Addams Family

Whenever something happens, there always is a reason.
 You must ask why it happened to understand the cause.

Cause and effect (clap, clap)
Cause and effect (clap, clap)
 Cause and effect, cause and effect,
cause and effect (Clap, clap)

The cause makes something happen.
It really gets things snapping.
Just ask yourself what happened to understand the effect.

Cause and effect (clap, clap),
 Cause and effect (clap,clap)
Cause and effect, cause and effect,
 Cause and effect (clap, clap)

 Here's another cute video  I found on youtube that also does a nice job of teaching cause & effect:


Happy Teaching,


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