Saturday, September 28, 2013

Audio Book WebMix on Symbaloo

Have you tried Symbaloo in your classroom? If not, you must! It's an incredibly easy way to "house" websites for your students.

On that note, my students LOVE listening to audio books, so I created a Symbaloo Webmix for children to be able to easily access great books (some are read by famous people, which they absolutely love).  Build your children's or student's fluency and comprehension in a fun way!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

7 Habits of Happy Kids Video

This past weekend, I was at Books A Million and enjoyed looking through Sean Covey's 7 Habits of Happy Kids.  Lately, I've been reading on many teacher's blogs that they are successfully using this in their classrooms.  I'm thinking about using it in the future with my kids.  I came across an amazing video where a middle school girl sings the 7 habits to Adele. She's quite amazing! Enjoy!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Need a laugh?

I chuckled when I saw this and thought you would too.

 Happy teaching! Angie

Character Traits Graphic Organizer

This upcoming week, we're discussing character traits and analyzing characters. My students love graphic organizers, and I like putting them in our student notebooks.  This particular printable has students choose one character, give unique traits for that particular character, and provide evidence for their given traits.

The printable below can be found at the TpT store.

Do you have a graphic organizer for character traits?

Enjoy and happy teaching!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

We Make a BIG Impact

I saw this picture this morning and agree with it so much!

Recently, I've had a few students tell me that they remember things we did in class, things I said to them, how they enjoyed my class (and that was 18 years ago). Wow!!!! It's almost frightening the impact (positive or negative) that we can have on the students in our classrooms. 

 Way to go, teachers! We have an extremely important job. Keep up the great work!

Happy teaching!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Remembering 9/11

Tomorrow will be an emotional day for all Americans.  September 11 always brings tears to my eyes as I remember what tragically happened on this day in 2001.  It's still hard to believe. Teachers will carefully choose what to teach, and share, with their students.  One video that I share with my students is below (beautiful song and video that captures the heroism of those that selflessly helped others.

Following this, my students will create a Quilt Square. You can find this this here.  We will then piece together the quilt and hang in honor of the heroes that survived that horrific day and in memory of those who sadly lost their lives.

Always remember,

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Context Clues Task Cards - Common Core AlignedI

I know that at the beginning of the year, I'm always looking for center/station ideas.  One of the stations that I continually have in my classroom is Word Work.  At this particular center, children work on various things such as spelling, prefixes, suffixes, root words, homophones, synonyms, antonyms, vocabulary, and more.

I created a 32 Context Clues Task Card set that's perfect for station/center work. You can also use this for group or partner work.

It's Common Core aligned and includes an Answer Key and Student Response Sheet. It's certain to build your students' vocabulary. Enjoy!

Blessings and happy teaching!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Socrative Student Response System

Photo Credit:

We're always looking for new ways to engage our students. Have you heard of Socrative? Well, it's a FREE and very easy -to- use student response system. We've all asked our students questions and gotten the "deer in headlights" look. Also, some of our students are just too shy to participate.

Give this a try. I just tested it out. You simply create certain questions (they can be "true/false," multiple choice, and many other types of questions). The students can then simply sign in (using a room number that you provide) and respond to the question via their smartphones, laptops, tablets, or iPods. They can either remain anonymous or give their names when responding (it depends on how you set it up).

Engage your class! Check out 

 Happy teaching, Angie

Monday, September 2, 2013

Every Kid Needs a Champion

As we are all starting a new school year with a room full of eyes upon us, I thought this would be a perfect reminder that 'Every Kid Needs a Champion."  We've watched this at several of our "back to school" teacher trainings, and every time I watch it, I laugh and cry all at the same time.

Let's be that encourager, motivator, and champion-builder for our students. They need us! Enjoy!