Saturday, August 31, 2013

First Week of School Was a Success!

Well, my first week of school is done.  Very tiring, but incredibly successful and productive week.  We played, and enjoyed, many "Get to Know You" games and icebreakers.  One of my favorites was having the children fill a brown bag with 5 items that describe them (could be pictures, a baseball, a stuffed animal, a souvenir from a favorite place they traveled, etc.). Each child (about 5 per day) then presented his/her items to the class (great opportunity to discuss eye contact and voice level when presenting).  On Friday, after all students had shared their items, I presented my items but did it with a slideshow of some of my favorite memories in my life.  My students really enjoy this each year, and it's a great way for them to get to know me and what I was like as a child. It's all about building that rapport.  I love how one student stated, "Gosh, you look so different!" "Yes," I replied. "That's what age does to you!"  Love the things that kiddos say!

Another great way I learned about my children was through the "All About Me Alphabet." My students described themselves with a descriptive word or phrase using each letter of the alphabet. We had some great discussions while completing this activity.  You can find this in a "Back to School Packet" at my TpT Store.

Also included in this packet is an activity titled "Getting to Know Your Group."  I put my students in groups, and they chose a "scribe" (writer). Each child then shared their favorite color, activity, food, and school subject.  Afterwards, they discussed how their group was alike, different, and a fun fact they learned about their group or a particular student.  For example, we discovered that one of our students likes to eat shark and another enjoys duck. (We heard a few "yucks" in response to that).  This also comes in the packet I mentioned above.

I hope you had a phenomenal first week! Please share some of your favorite activities that you did with your students.

Blessings and happy teaching,

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