Sunday, July 28, 2013

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If you haven't heard yet, a great way to follow your favorite blogs.  If you're an educator, there is a multitude of great blogs to follow to obtain great ideas (blogs pertaining to the grade you teach, blogs for organizing your classroom, and blogs to keep you updated with technology in the classroom).  I'm excited to be a member of this incredible site.

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Blessings and happy teaching!
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

What is the New Chevron Craze All About?

Well, I know I must be behind on this, but I just found out what Chevron even looks like. One of my team teachers is decorating her room with the trendy design.

So, I decided to take one of my Welcome Back ideas and use the Chevron design.  Wanted to share the preview with you.

You can download the SWEET Welcome Back Story cards at Teachers Pay Teachers for only $.75.  Just print, cut the cards out, and place in Ziploc baggie with suggested candy.

I use this story to welcome new students at Meet the Teacher Night or for the first day of school.  However you choose to use it, your students will thank you for the extra SWEET welcome.

Happy Teaching,

Sunday, July 21, 2013

First Blog Post

Hello, blogging community.  I'm excited about the new blog I've created.  I have to say that seeing, and following, many of the creative teacher blogs out there sparked my interest.  So, thank you!

For teachers, summer is all about getting that much-needed rest.  However, with school right around the corner, it's hard to stay off the Internet, Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers when looking for new ideas.

Today, I found a great idea where you toss a beach ball with questions on it.  The student who catches the ball, answers the question that his/her thumb is on.  I thought this was a great ice breaker for the first day of school.  I've also seen some great transition and brain break ideas.

What are some of the best ideas you've found so far?

Check out my FREE download on Teachers Pay Teachers.  It's a great ice breaker for the first day or week of school.  Hope you enjoy!